Adopt a Student

Dear Parishioners and Friends:

As St. Vincent de Paul Parish School continues its Century-long tradition of educating students, we rely on the generous support of donors each year to help provide the resources some families require to send their children to SVS.  Whether you are an SVS graduate, a parishioner, school parent or a friend, we want to thank you for your prayerful support of St. Vincent’s.  We also want to encourage your investment in the lives of our students.

This academic year, more than $37,000 was provided to families whose children would not be enrolled in our school otherwise.  The amount of need is actually closer to $50,000, but with limited resources, we could not fulfill each urgent request.  Because of the financial difficulties that so many of our parents face, the parish is reinstating its Adopt A Student campaign.  By making a charitable gift now, you can help replenish our school’s vital resources that are earmarked for student aid, thus making SVS more accessible to more families.

Students are the lifeblood of our school.  We strive to offer a robust educational experience to the 175 children entrusted to our care.  Our Gospel-based education also provides numerous service learning opportunities. For example, when the community’s food network became strained last year, SVS students organized a canned food drive to help fill the void.

Our students earn highest honors at local, regional and state science and social studies competitions.  SVS students and graduates have earned highest marks in the most recent international science fairs, and our forensics team has achieved unparalleled success over the past five years. Our art students excel in local showcases and competitions.  In fact, most SVS graduates advance to honors programs at our local high schools and graduate in the top tier of their classes and secure top college scholarships.

But for some families, this outstanding education is not within reach because of a lack of financial resources.  Please participate in this year’s Adopt A Student campaign by filling out the attached pledge form below and sending in your donation.  Your gift will make a dramatic impact on the lives of our students.

If you have any questions about SVS or this campaign, always feel free to contact St. Vincent de Paul Parish School or talk to one of our friendly teachers or staff members.  We invite you to attend one of our special events, open houses, ball games or student liturgies to see for yourself what a special gift a Catholic education is to our students.

Sincerely yours,

Laurajenn Rossell
St. Vincent de Paul Parish School

Robert Contraguerro, Sr.
St. Vincent Parish School Advisory Board

P.S.    Please know that the first $5,000 of contributions to this year’s Adopt A Student campaign will be matched by an anonymous donor!  Make your gift today!