Uniforms are worn by students of transitional kindergarten through grade eight grade. The official contracted provider of St. Vincent de Paul Parish School uniforms is School Belles:  www.schoolbelles.com  – The school code is S2596.

Sweatshirts and Fleeces must be monogrammed with the White “St. Vincent’s” with the Cross.  These can only be ordered through School Bells Uniform Company.

Parents are not required to order thru School Bells.  If you chose to buy items elsewhere, they must be contrusive to our policy, meaning, colors and styles must be the same.

If you have any question please contact the school office.

Summer Dress Code: 1st day of school – October 22nd

Winter Dress Code: October 26th – April 23rd

Plaid skirts – Plaid Only (All grades)

Jumpers  – Plaid Only (TK – 3)
Khaki pants

Khaki shorts- for summer dress code
Blouses – with or without monogram -Light Blue – only

Polos- with or without monogram – Light Blue – only

Accessories: Navy with school monogram

V-neck Pullover Vest

V-neck Cardigan Sweater

Sweatshirt (must be monogrammed)

Fleece (must be monogrammed)

Ties – cross tie – 5-8 only – Winter Dress Code

Shoes: Black or Brown Flat Dress Shoes – no heel

Socks: Knee High – White or Navy


Oxford Shirts- with or without monogram – Light Blue – only

Polo with or without monogram – Light Blue -only
Khaki Pants – No Cargo pants

Khaki shorts – for summer dress code- No Cargo shorts
Accessories: Navy with School Monogram

V-neck pullover Vest

V-neck Cardigan Sweater

Sweatshirt-(must be monogrammed)

Fleece – (must be monogrammed)

Ties: Grades 5-8 only – winter dress code

Belt – Black, Brown, or Navy

Shoes: Black or Brown Dress Shoes- No Althletic Shoes

Socks: over the ankle -black or white

General Rules:

  1. Hair is to be clean, of respectable length and appropriately styled. Boy’s hair MUST be worn above the eyebrows, ears and the top of the collar. No mohawks permitted.
  2. No jewelry may be worn with the exception of a ring and watch. A single necklace is permitted.
  3. Only small earrings may be worn. Boys may not wear earrings.
  4. Light colored nail polish may be worn.
  5. Excessive make-up is not permitted.
  6. Length of the girls’ skirt is to be no more than 2 inches above the knees.
  7. Uniforms/shirts/blouses must be neat and pressed.
  8. Students 5-8 must wear a cross tie (girls) or uniform tie (boys) during formal dress code months.
  9. St. Vincent de Paul Parish School embroidered sweatshirts (TK-8) and fleeces (6-8) may be worn at any time.
  10. St. Vincent de Paul Parish School gym uniform must be worn by all students 4-8 grade during physical education class.
  11. White or navy crew, knee or ankle socks only.
  12. Shoes, solid black or brown comfortable shoes. Must be neat and clean at all times.
  13. Uniform shorts (boys & girls) until 10/15
  14. Formal dress code is 10/15 through 4/15
  15. No dress down passes are to be used on Mass day (Fridays).
  16. Dress Down Passes must be given to the homeroom teacher, initialed and sent to the office on the day it is used.