Mrs. Anghie

Mrs. Anghie’s Classroom

Weekly Homework- Vocabulary Units

Vocabulary Tests 7 & 8: Wednesdays ,routinely.

Religion 7 & 8th grade students will have a component of a Religion test every week
Students regularly will have their homework assignments, test schedules , and  assignments on their calendars on their IPads.Should something need to be changed they will be informed as to these changes.
7th and 8th grade will have a component of the test due each week -be it prayer , Bible search, or test from the Bible, and notes.
7th and 8th grade students have been told to place on their Ipads the dates on which each of these components of the test is due . Please be kind enough  to see that this has been done ; if not please ask them to check with me either at lunchtime or recess since I do not leave school  till at least 2;00 P.M. each day.
. Also, if your child does not understand some element of a project that he or she is expected to do , please ask him or her to have me clarify rather than a parent requesting clarification; as you are undoubtedly aware,helping a student with his or her project is not the same as doing it for him or her,since it is the student’s work that is being graded.
  7th and 8th  grade religion  projects are due on the20th of November, 2014, -first period in the morning. Should a student without a valid excuse turn in the project late, the grade for that project will be lowered.

Please encourage your children to have their work in on time.

Thank you so much for your cooperation
Mrs.Christine Anghie